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20 octubre 2009

Tropical Bryology course in Costa Rica, March 2010

In early August of this year, the Jepson Herbarium of the University of California described a tentative plan to offer a course in tropical bryology on an ecological reserve in a cloud forest in Costa Rica. That plan was described in a communication to BRYONET. A favorable response to this proposed offering has now resulted in a firm offering.

The course will occur in 11-23 March 2010, a time chosen to coincide with the dryest period in that cloud forest. Dan Norris will be the co-ordinator of the course, and it is open to a limit of 15 participants. The reserve has more than 200 species of mosses, liverworts and hornworts. It offers easy access via high quality trails. The 11 days of the course will cost $1,700 for housing and meals as well as instrucion and field trip direction. Participants will include university students, university professors and active amateurs from any part of the world.

People interested in this course should e-mail Cecilia Shohet at Detailed course and accomodation descriptions will be sent to all who request it.

Dan Norris

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