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17 septiembre 2008

Hennig meeting news

The meeting is getting closer!

Some people asked about flights to Tucumán… and yes, it is a pain in the neck, as we the locals verify every time we have to attend a meeting anywhere else. This time it's your turn! One of the good offers to fly to Tucumán is with a new company, Andes Líneas Aereas, whose web page is at

We still don't have the final program (the deadline for reception of abstracts was extended, at the request of many people, and we are still receiving abstracts), but we do know some details…

The meeting will be starting in the morning of the 28th, at the Hotel Sol ( All the talks, and the banquet (night of the 30th) will be held at the Hotel Sol. The Hotel Sol is up in the hill, west of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. We will try to be at the airport for incoming flights, but just in case you're on your own, you can tell the taxi driver to go to the "Hotel Sol, Cerro San Javier". See map below.

The only other venue is going to be the Instituto Lillo (adress: Miguel Lillo 205, it's near the "Abasto" –the neighborhood is known by that name because the "Abasto" market used to be there). We will have a reception there the day before the meeting (as usual for Hennig meetings), that is, the evening of the 27th, and begin with registrations. At the Instituto Lillo, registration will start from 5pm, the reception will start after 6:30pm, of Monday October 27th.

If you have not yet registered for the Hotel, you should. The hotel is a lovely place, and it is not expensive. It is not very big, so we may run out of rooms. They have been holding some rooms for us, but they won't hold them for much longer. Don't risk missing it! If no more rooms are available when you try to book, and you have to get a room down town (and the "down" here is quite literal), we will be providing transportation to the Hotel everyday, with a bus which will fit about 40 people. Otherwise, you can just take a taxi (from the center, it's about 20 dollars, so that splitting among three people should be rather cheap).

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